Alastri's Mine Planning Software Suite


Short-Term Gantt Chart Scheduling

  • Innovative Gantt / 3D scheduling interface
  • Fully integrated with external databases and live data feeds
  • Schedule drilling, charging, blasting, mining, haulage, dumping, and processing all at once


Medium-Term Automated Mine Scheduling

  • Automated scheduling based on targets and constraints
  • Integrated drilling, mixed-fleet haulage, and product optimisation
  • Communicate the schedule with fully customizable real-time integrated reporting and 3D animations


Blast and Dig Block Design and
Reserves Generation Software

  • Validate surfaces, solids and check reserves outlines automatically ahead of scheduling
  • Edit blast and dig blocks to generate blast masters and dig plans in minutes
  • Integrate planned designs with grade control databases


Mining Haulage Analysis Software

  • Build and edit your haulage network with design tools specifically engineered for haul network creation
  • Visualize speed signs, intersections, and areas of interest in the virtual world as they are in the field
  • Use logical workflows and guidance warnings to quickly troubleshoot and arrive at the best haulage outcome fast


Mine Plan Compliance and Cut & Fill Analysis Software

  • Import planned and actual surfaces to measure conformance
  • Automatically generate fully categorized conformance solids in seconds
  • Reserve each conformance solid against a block model for rapid, easy, detailed reporting

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