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Medium-Term Automated Mine Scheduling Software

Discover how Tactical Scheduler makes 3-Month to Life of Mine Scheduling Easy

Set up models in a day. Deliver plans sooner, with finer detail. Evaluate different scenarios at speed. Nail every aspect of open-pit hard rock mine scheduling. Just follow Tactical Scheduler’s intuitive workflows and you’ll follow the best-practice path, faster.

Tactical Scheduler handles all of your medium and long term scheduling needs, no matter how complex your operations are. Tactical Scheduler makes creating, sharing and managing complex open-pit mine scheduling models and plans easy by integrating and streamlining everything. Maximum effectiveness. Minimum time.

Take Alastri's Tactical Scheduler for a test drive

Pick up Tactical Scheduler, follow the workflows for all your mid-term to life of mine scheduling needs.

Generate schedules in minutes, delivering your plans sooner in finer detail than ever before. From three-month to life of mine, consider every aspect of open pit mine scheduling in a single step. Save time and money by extracting the most from your assets.


Automatically create mining precedence rules to establish mining sequences. Configure rule-based extraction and destination logic. Model unlimited processing options.


Analyse multiple branching scenarios simultaneously, in real time. Schedule in a mix of weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual periods. 


Make reserving quick and easy with Rapid Reserver. Automate prescheduling and visualize scheduling solids in an interactive 3D viewport. Customise, visualize and report.


Constrain on mixed-fleet haulage with automatic path finding and full cycle time analysis with Haul Infinity. Model dynamic roads and complex rehandling rules.

Pit extraction

Lay down mining objectives, targets, and constraints, quickly and easily. Tactical Scheduler will automatically generate a mining sequence.

Dump Sequencing

Set dump filling rules, including minimizing haulage times, restricting acid risk material to certain areas, filling land bridges with priority, and more.


Specify grade targets, blend targets, stockpile/crusher capacities. Tactical Scheduler will automatically allocate ore to ensure targets are met, while adhering to mining rules and constraints.


Share rich, interactive 3D animations, plots and custom reports. Eliminate black-box scheduling, generate stage plans, incorporate topography, and export as triangulations for analysis in Spatial Conformetrics.

Simplify Complexity

Complex product blending requirements, hundreds of pits and stockpiles, in-pit dumping, mixed manned/autonomous fleets, and multiple rehandling steps are what Tactical Schedule was engineered to handle with ease.