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Blast and Dig Block Design and
Reserves Generation Software

Reserves in hours, not days

Rapid Reserver has an array of design tools and capabilities that take all the hard work and guesswork out of reserving. Now you can create scheduling reserves for your entire operation in an afternoon. Plan and visualize reserves in 3D, refining your designs based on grade control data and generating scheduling block designs and reserves with greater accuracy and certainty, faster than ever.

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Maximise planning efficiency with minimum effort

Easy-to-follow workflows. Automatic tools and functionality. Automated design with blast design creation and dig block optimisation algorithms. Rapid Reserver is packed with functionality that saves time and improves efficiency.

Automated tasks & tools

Automatically create blast shapes on a bench based on target blast size, including trim and ramp shots. Mark blast types (trim, contour, production) automatically, based on blast geometry. Generate unique names for your blasts instantly, with no user intervention.

Accurate solids creation

Create cutback/dump solids from solids, surfaces, and polygons. Rapid Reserver splits cutback and dump solids into benches and flitches automatically, and is tolerant of even lower quality triangulations. Design blast and dig block solids and reserves are calculated in real time, not in a separate processing step.

Flitches and dig blocks

Create dig blocks on flitches inside a blast. Choose whether a dig block spans just one flitch or multiple flitches. Optimize the creation of dig blocks to minimize dilution and loss, and automatically choose the destination for each block which yields the highest profit.


View from any angle with the intuitive 3D viewport. Annotate blasts with any name, blast type or custom attributes and volumes. Shade your blasts/blocks based on any criteria, including blast type, making it easy to identify contour, trim, ramp, and production shots.


Easy setup, with unlimited attributes and unlimited material types. Import multiple block models in CSV or BMF format. Add new calculated attributes with simple formulas or full C# scripting. Reserves are calculated instantly for blast and dig blocks as they are being designed.

Import and Export

Import bench designs from DXF, ARCH_D, and STR. Export to DXF, 00t and CSV. Export blocks directly to Haul InfinityProduction Scheduler, or Tactical Scheduler to gain another level of accuracy with your mine haulage and scheduling, or to other third-party mine planning packages.