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About Alastri

Alastri was founded in 2012 by Daniel Narayan (Mining Engineering, Virginia Tech, 2006) and Max Bygraves (Mine Surveying, WA School of Mines Curtin University, 1994), out of a desire to build open pit mine planning software that is fast, visually stunning, user friendly, and able to model the complex open pit mines of tomorrow.

All successful ventures have passion at their core. The desire to create game changing mine planning software is the passion that drives Alastri.

A focus on user experience and speed is in Alastri’s heritage and remains central to how we build software today. 

By concentrating exclusively on open pit mining, we are able to build higher-level software that enables mining engineers to think like mining engineers; not programmers.

After almost a decade and with clients spanning the globe, Alastri’s software suite continues to grow with products that cover daily scheduling through to life of mine planning.

What’s unique about Alastri

Intuitive & Intelligent

For mining engineers and mine planning professionals of all backgrounds, regardless of your proficiency with software. Alastri is designed to be intuitive and easy to use and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure you get the most out of it.

Real time Efficiency

Alastri allows you to have the heavy lifting done by the software so you can focus on the decision-making process. Rerun the data, update designs in real time, and generate the reports instantly to facilitate all your mine planning tasks.

Superior Support

Our seasoned support team is renowned for consistently exceeding expectations. With many years of combined mining experience, including years of site experience, our team understands the requirement to provide accurate, fast support.

Need more information?

Our support is as fast and dependable as our software – our support team are all mining engineers with site experience, so we know that if you need help, you need it fast.