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Short-Term Gantt Chart
Mine Scheduling Software

Let Alastri’s Production Scheduler guide you

Set up models in a day. Deliver plans sooner, with finer detail than ever possible before. Evaluate different plan scenarios at speed. Nail every aspect of open-pit hard rock mine planning for short-term shift based scheduling.
Just follow Production Scheduler’s intuitive workflows and you’ll follow the best-practice path, faster.

Take Alastri's Production Scheduler for a test drive

Production Scheduler handles all of your short term scheduling needs, no matter how complex

Production Scheduler makes creating, sharing, and managing complex open-pit mine scheduling models and plans easy – integrating and streamlining everything.


Automatically create mining precedence rules and establish a mining sequence on a bench. Configure rule-based extraction & destination logic. Model unlimited processing options.


Import, visualize, and follow longer term schedules. Schedule in a mix of daily and weekly periods, and measure conformance against the longer term plan.


Make reserving quick and easy with Rapid Reserver, which comes fully embedded. Automate prescheduling and organise scheduling solids in an interactive 3D scene. 


Integrated mixed-fleet haulage with automatic path finding and full cycle time analysis through Haul Infinity. Understand your trucking requirements instantly (not as a separate pass) so you can make scheduling decisions related to haulage in real time.

Pit extraction

Lay down mining objectives and constraints, quickly and easily. Create mine sequences rapidly using intuitive ‘paint’ functionality in the 3D viewport. Production Scheduler automatically considers dependency rules to ensure the sequence followed is always valid.

Dump Sequencing

Control material flow to manage geological & geotechnical risks. Apply destination rules to allow for construction of key site infrastructure.


Specify grade targets, blend targets, stockpile/crusher capacities. Production Scheduler will automatically allocate ore to ensure targets are met, while adhering to mining rules and constraints.


Share visually rich 3D animations, plots, and custom reports. Eliminate black-box scheduling, generate stage plans, incorporate topography, and export as triangulations for spatial compliance analysis in Spatial Conformetrics.

Complexity Made Simple

Complex product blending requirements, hundreds of pits and stockpiles, in-pit dumping, mixed manned/autonomous fleets, and multiple rehandling steps are what Production Scheduler was engineered to handle with ease.