Integrated. Intelligent. Intuitive.

Welcome to Alastri

Integrated open-pit mine planning software.
All in intuitive, interactive 3D.

Integrated. Intelligent. Intuitive.

Welcome to Alastri

Integrated open-pit mine planning software.
All in intuitive, interactive 3D.

Our Mine Planning Software


Gantt chart based mine scheduling software for daily to 3-month planning with haulage and processing.


Automated mine scheduling software for 3-month to LOM detailed scheduling of open pit metals mines.


Blast and dig block design and reserves generation software which makes creating scheduling reserves fast, easy, and auditable.


Mining haulage analysis software for open cut mines used to calculate cycle times and estimate daily to LOM haulage fleet requirements. 


Mine plan compliance software which automates calculations to enable reliable and auditable reporting of conformance KPIs.

Intuitive workflows, more iterations.
Better and faster solutions.

We’ve designed our software to feel simple, logical – even enjoyable. With our team of mining engineers backed by game developers, we deliver an experience a cut above the rest because we’re passionate about applying 3D visuals, performance, and usability to mine planning.

User Friendly Workflows and Prompts

Follow the workflows, and prompts, and you can’t go wrong. Let the software do the heavy lifting so you can dedicate time to refine and generate the best scenarios. Our software leads you up the trail to the best mine scheduling outcomes.

A host of tools
to work with

Alastri's software is packed with well thought out workflows and tools that reduce tedious day-long tasks to just a few clicks. Import, validate, design, modify, rerun, review, and report. And do it fast with performance and usability engineered into every step.

Superior Visualization and Reporting

See your data spatially, bring in terrain, interrogate survey surfaces, analyse the properties of any solid you like. See your schedules as true animations. Create custom reports in a few clicks. Get what you need in the format you want.

Mining software
that speaks your language

No salespeople. No spin. We bring together the best software development talent and mine planning professionals with years of site experience – to create mine scheduling software that works the way you and your mine work.

We bring our decades of mine planning software expertise to assist our customers in solving their problems in the best way possible. 

Simple, straightforward after-sales service

Initial Trial

Our software is so intuitive that implementation and training are a fraction of what you might expect. We’ll prove it by setting up a model of your operation with your own data and letting you experience our software and support through a free trial.

Fast & Effective

Our support team are all mining engineers with frontline mine scheduling experience. We know that when you need support, you need it fast.

Consulting When
You Need it

Alastri’s software is designed to be used independently by your technical staff, but if you need some additional resources, our expert engineers are on standby to help you arrive at the best mine planning outcomes for your operation.

We work with thousands of users around the world in
gold, copper, iron ore, bauxite, and more.