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Mine Plan Compliance and Cut
& Fill Analysis Software.

Take uncertainty out of the plan compliance equation

Measure your mine’s performance against the plan with clarity and certainty so you can manage and reduce the risks associated with non-compliance. Establish and calculate objective KPIs. Identify and address conformance issues and productivity risks proactively.

Simply import planned and actual surfaces, and Spatial Conformetrics automatically generates categorized conformance solids, then reserves them against a block model for rapid, easy, detailed reporting.

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Make complex conformance calculations simple

Spatial Conformetrics simplifies and automates the complex task of calculating and reporting mine plan compliance, empowering your team to make informed decisions based on concrete 3D analysis, robust data, objective KPIs, and insightful, intuitive reports.

Surfaces and solids

Convert overlapping surfaces into stacked conformance solids and reserves automatically. View surfaces and solids in 3D. Generate end-of-period surfaces from existing schedules and merge layers to create new surfaces.


Reserve against any block model. Add new attributes. Choose how geological data is aggregated. Run reserves automatically and see the geological properties of solids between surfaces instantly.

Objective KPI scores

Conduct consistent KPI calculations across multiple pits, material types, block model properties, and crews. Analyze deviations and communicate the business costs associated with non-conformance clearly.

Analyse and improve

Use Spatial Conformetrics to empirically analyse mine plan conformance with consistent, quantifiable metrics. Inform operational decision-makers with hard numbers and real data.

Clarity and precision

Mine plan conformance affects everything: pit development, ore production, ore grades, blend ratios, and haulage profiles. Use cold, hard conformance metrics to help quantify the cost of non-conformance.


Shade solids based on conformance category. Identify planned and unplanned movement. Report on block model values, as well as volumes. Use waterfall charts to tell the plan-to-production story and export to Excel and common mine planning formats.