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Mining Haulage Analysis Software

Faster, more accurate, reliable, and intuitive haulage analysis

Haul Infinity allows you to design haul routes in 3D using intuitive CAD tools. View and edit your network in the 3D viewport and customise all of the critical settings which affect haulage calculations. Make extensive changes and rerun immediately so you can export to your mine scheduling software of choice.

Use Haul Infinity across your operations to provide haulage insights into all important aspects such as:

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Haul Infinity is designed to make creating, analyzing and future proofing dynamic haulage networks easier than ever. It integrates seamlessly with many third party mine scheduling tools, including Excel, enabling more efficient and reliable mine planning decisions.

Modeling & Pathfinding

Lock down precise cycle times for each truck-loader combination. Calculate and limit by TKPH to avoid tire overheating. Calculate fuel burn and optimal paths. Toggle roads on/off to model land bridges, nested cutbacks and more. Import actual times to calibrate future predicted travel times based on measured performance.

3D Design

Follow the workflows and prompts to design road networks quickly, from scratch using Haul Infinity’s extensive 3D design toolbox, or import designs from DXF or CSV. Assign speed limits with simple drag-and-drop road signs. Allocate attributes in bulk across your network in a few clicks.

Fast, accurate tendering

Import data and generate results in minutes. Model networks in one pass and visualize the results to verify accuracy. Test scenarios and fine tune on the fly. Assess cross bench hauls with cycle times for each mining face on a bench.

3D Visualization

Navigate around your virtual network using the intuitive 3D viewport. Load and visualize polyline or triangulated overlays from common formats including DXF, 00T and DTM.


Easily detect and automatically resolve unsnapped points. Identify roads which are impassible due to gradient and rolling resistance. Pinpoint waypoints and mining blocks that are inaccessible due to design errors in the network.


Haul Infinity integrates with Production Scheduler, Tactical Scheduler, Excel and other third-party scheduling packages so you can query haulage metrics and make decisions based on travel times, cycle times, and truck hours in real time.