What Makes Our Software Different

Ease of Use

In order for mine planning software to work across large organizations, it must cater for engineers of all backgrounds and software skill levels. Our solutions are incredibly easy to use. With as little as a half day of training, you will be able to use the software to produce practical, useful results in no time.


A mining engineer's time is incredibly valuable. Every minute the engineer spends watching a progress bar is time that could have been used to evaluate a new alternative and unlock value for the company. Our software is built to be as responsive as the latest computer games. Results are generated in real-time. What this means is that the second you make a change, the results are immediately being calculated and are shown to you an instant later.


We pride ourselves on providing the best support in the industry with dedicated qualified mining engineers ready to help. The key to a successful implementation with any software solution is the availability and expertise of support personnel.

Our Management Team